Parts and Service

Service contacts


Phone number: 619-630-5812


At some time in its long life, your watch may require service. We are happy to assist with your needs with our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced service personnel.

Please expect 7-10 day turn around of repairs.

You may also choose to use a local watchmaker. Our watches use standard movements that are easily serviced by qualified watchmakers. We can provide OCEAN7 specific parts as needed.

To return a watch for service or repairs, please contact us by email.

Please follow these steps to return a watch for service:

  • Please email us before shipping.
  • Pack your watch without any accessories or papers. Do not send anything with the watch that you want returned. A charge of $25 will be applied for return shipping within USA, inquire for international shipping rates.
  • Remove the strap or bracelet, if possible. 
  • Include a note with your return address, email address, and a description of the problem or service required. If no note or communication is received, we will store your watch for 60 days, then it will become property of Ocean7. 
  • Contact us to verify that you have the latest shipping address.  
  • Regardless of warranty status, you are solely responsible for properly packaging your watch. If it is shipped in a padded envelope, there is a good chance that it will be lost or damaged.

Please note that watches received without documentation or communication will be stored for 60 days then will become property of Ocean7. We are not able to research email conversation history or relate watches received, to previous conversations or correspondence. 
Most repairs are completed quickly, almost all within 15 days. We are not able to provide receipt confirmations or periodic status updates. If out of warranty repairs are to be performed, we will contact you with an estimate. Payment for return shipping is required on all out of warranty work and estimates.

We do not service watches with altered or removed serial numbers. Any service item that is unpaid or unclaimed with no communication for more than 60 days will become property of Ocean7.

Most parts are sold on an exchange basis only, so that we can maintain sufficient stocks of spare parts to keep critical parts available for future repairs. 

If the parts that you order require an exchange, your parts must be received before replacement parts will ship.