About Us

About Us

Thank you for visiting our web site.  Our mission is to provide enthusiasts worldwide with the best quality watches available anywhere. Our watches are produced in limited quantities using the highest quality materials.

Nothing matters more to us than your satisfaction with our watches.  We stand behind our products and offer a strong warranty because we believe in what we make. We want you to be happy!

OCEAN7® design objectives are simple: to create beautiful watches that are tough and functional. We use variations on styling cues such as "Plongeur" (French for diver) hands made famous by historic, collectible dive watches of the past. OCEAN7 dials are simple and pleasing to look at, uncluttered by specifications relegated to the back of the watch. Most of our designs are influenced by watch enthusiasts worldwide. Our guiding philosophy is simple - we have to be different to be better!

We constantly explore the limits using new case materials, hardening concepts, and construction methods. After two years in development our ceramic watch, the LM-4 V2 OCEAN7 Meteor Ceramic, is available. Using a complicated mold with compound curves, the OCEAN7 Meteor Ceramic is easily compared to ceramic offerings from other watch companies, selling for thousands more. 

Our LM-5 uses a domed sapphire bezel inserts.  As a dress diver with a pedigree sufficient for rugged use, nothing compares in quality and price.

The LM-7 Professional, a modern recreation of the legendary dive watch, is available in a hardened titanium case.


The Early Bird® series of watches is a modern recreation of the sporty watch by the same name made in the 1960s, and named after the very first American communications satellite.

OCEAN7, Early Bird® are examples of how a small American company thrives by providing innovative products to customers worldwide.