Diver Straps
Diver Straps

Diver Straps

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The OCEAN7 Diver Straps are modeled after the PloProf Straps popular in the 1970s, manufactured by Omega. These straps are characterized by their rectangular holes They are strong and rugged, great for diving and extreme sports.

Our black silicone PloProf style strap is the softest, most comfortable strap that you will find anywhere, at any price. It incorporates an anti-static coating, and it comes with three keepers, so one or two will be extras.

The strap width is 24mm at the watch side, and 22mm at the buckle side. Length is approximately 80mm/125mm.

All PloProf style straps are available with black pvd coated buckles.

Black Diver Straps are coated with a silicone preservative. They should be washed thoroughly with soap and water before use.

Leather straps are not water resistant!